Dr. Kristin Schmidt recommends your first pregnancy 2d or 3d ultrasound be performed between weeks 18 and 22 to determine the health of you and your baby, expected delivery date and location of your pregnancy. We perform these tests in the comfort and privacy of our Houston, Texas based OBGYN practice in Katy.

This screening of your baby is the most widely prescribed imaging technique of the fetus during pregnancy. It is used because ultrasound doesn’t consist of ionizing radiation like other tests such as CT’s or X-rays that could expose your fetus to harmful scans.

You will receive additional scans in our Houston, Texas office when medically appropriate. At one of these screenings, the same test can be used to reveal the gender. This also gives you and your partner the opportunity to hear the heartbeat and bond with your baby for the first time.

ultrasoundAdditional Reason for First Trimester Scan

Having this important imaging test performed in the first trimester of pregnancy, Dr. Schmidt makes sure you are not experiencing an ectopic pregnancy.

How a 3d Ultrasound Imaging Works

3d ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves to show 3 dimensional images of your baby in your uterus. Since these images are captured in real-time, they allow Dr. Schmidt to see important internal organs of your baby as well as movements and blood flow.

These images result from the reflection of the sound waves as they bounce off body internal structures. They are measured in strength of the sound (amplitude) and time for the wave to travel. The end result is the image you see.

Why 3d vs 2d

3d ultrasound can also be a useful tool to identify birth defects that may be hidden from view with standard ultrasound equipment. You can discuss the pros and cons of this with Dr. Schmidt and her team.

Expectant parents like 3d ultrasound because the benefit of the added dimension provides more information and definition than regular scans.

How the Procedure is Performed

You will be asked to lie down on a bed to have an ultrasound performed. At that time, ultrasound gel will be placed on your abdomen and a transducer probe applied. This allows the sound waves a medium through which to pass and supply the feedback for the final images.

The certified ultrasound technician then moves the sound probe across your stomach to receive the information while viewing it in real time on a monitor. When they determine the best views, the pictures are taken.

Your Ultrasound Pictures

Dr. Schmidt will discuss your baby’s images and provide you with a copy for you to have.

If you think you may be pregnant, please contact our office at (713) 464-2100 to get started on the healthy path to your pregnancy with your first ultrasound scan.

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