Alda PatiñoAlda Patiño: Wellness and Aesthetic Consultant

Alda is an enthusiastic and motivated professional with extensive experience in aesthetics, laser technology, body sculpting certified, cosmetic injectables, weight management and wellness. She is passionate about helping others become the best versions of themselves from the inside out. She is committed and will strive to help others obtain and maintain optimal health and wellness. As an Aesthetics and wellness consultant, Alda has been educating patients on nutrition, weight management, GI health, sexual health, hormone testing, stress management, fitness, skin health and outer wellness.

  • Licensed professional laser technician since 2012
  • Certified in Botox/ Dysport and Hyaluronic Fillers
  • Certified in body sculpting
  • Peptide Certified through BioTe and Tailor Made Compounding


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