Many of our med spa offerings are great for men! Please give us a call to schedule your consultation at (713) 463-4044.


Body Sculpting with truSculpt flex & iD

Who has time for the gym? Between work, family and wine, it’s almost impossible. Dr. Schmidt offers cutting-edge technology to sculpt your muscles without hitting the gym (truSculpt® flex) and liposuction without the surgery (truSculpt iD)!

These types of treatments are popular among celebrities because they really work, and they are a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery! These treatments are quick and relatively pain-free. No anesthesia is required, and most treatments can be performed during your lunch break.


Botox and Fillers

Many Men & Women start noticing fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet as they get older. Dr. Schmidt and her aesthetic specialist can help with BOTOX® to keep you feeling refreshed, youthful and confident! BOTOX® can temporarily treat moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. Both Men & Women use BOTOX® treatments as a preventative treatment to keep these lines from becoming too deep.


Weight Management

Dr. Schmidt and her team wants you to look and feel your best. Weight management is an essential part of being healthy and getting your moxie back! At Aesthetic & Wellness we offer multiple weight management products, medications and Rapid Weight Loss programs.


BioTe Pellet Therapy

Dr. Schmidt and team offers a variety of peptides for optimal aging.

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