If you are looking to decrease heavy menstrual bleeding or increase your chances of future pregnancy all through a safe, non-surgical procedure, MyoSure may be right for you. The MyoSure treatment removes fibroids and polyps,finally giving you relief from the symptoms of these — no surgery required!

If you are considering a MyoSure procedure in the Houston, Texas area, we welcome an opportunity to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kristin Schmidt, OBGYN who has performed hundreds of MyoSure procedures in the last 20 years.

Benefits of Choosing Dr. Schmidt

  • Highly trained and experienced OB/GYN
  • Provides choices for minimally invasive surgical options 
  • Care from puberty to post menopause years
  • Experienced in outpatient procedures as well as surgical procedures

What is MyoSure?

A MyoSure procedure is an outpatient procedure averaging around 10 minutes during which we remove fibroids, polyps or other intrauterine tissue by inserting an instrument through your vagina and into your uterus. Through this method we avoid removing the uterus while still maintaining the ability to remove this unnecessary tissue and help you find relief from your pain.

If you are experiencing excessively frequent or heavy periods because of fibroids and more serious conditions have not been determined, you could be a prime candidate for MyoSure. MyoSure can not only reduce heavy bleeding, it can increase your chances of pregnancy in the future.

Since each patient is unique, we make certain to listen and allow time to review your symptoms and medical history, so we know you and your condition.

Afterwards, Dr. Schmidt will meet with you to offer expert advice on the procedure.

Planning for Your MyoSure

Before we schedule you for MyoSure we will perform a pelvic exam and possibly other tests to determine if you have fibroids or polyps and if you are a candidate for this procedure.

The actual procedure consists of three simple steps and after your MyoSure procedure you will be able to go home the same day. This procedure includes no cuts or incisions, leaving your uterus intact.

MyoSure procedures have proven to reduce heavy bleeding by greater than 90 percent with a recurrence rate of less than 10 percent, giving our patients they pain relief they’ve wanted.

Following your MyoSure you may experience some mild cramping, nausea, vomiting, discharge or spotting. If you have symptoms beyond that, please contact us.

Understanding Your Procedure Choices

If you are pregnant, have a pelvic infection or have had a past diagnosis of uterine cancer we will not conduct MyoSure but will be happy to discuss possible other treatments or procedures.

Do You Offer Second Opinions?

Dr. Schmidt is always ready to answer your questions concerning the need for MyoSure and what is best for your unique set of circumstances. 

For More Information on MyoSure and If It’s Right for You Schedule your Visit Today at (713) 464-2100.

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