If small blue or red veins appear just underneath your skin and form a web like pattern you may be experiencing spider veins or facial telangiectasias. While not typically life threatening, they often detract from the look of your legs, ankles and face. At Kristin Schmidt medical spa’s Katy location in Houston, Texas, we offer an ND-Yag laser treatment known to be both effective and safe for spider veins.

Spider Vein Treatment Before and After

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Why Do You Get Spider Veins?

Your body is made up of both veins and arteries that carrying our blood. On the venous side, your blood is moving backwards and upwards to your heart. Inside these vessels, valves exist to keep the blood stationary, and ready to be pushed by each pump of the heart upward towards it.

If these valves become weakened and stop functioning, then your blood may pool, allowing the blood to flow backward or not be able to move upward as in a healthy vein. Similarly, tiny red veins in your face may also be weakened from sun exposure or increased pressure. Both can be treated in our medical spa and often in 3 treatments spaced 8-12 weeks apart.

Treatment Options

While wearing compression socks or support stockings may help decrease the pooling of your blood and improve circulation, they do not correct the appearance of spider veins.

Sclerotherapy injecting solutions are sometimes used to dissolve the leakage from the vessel. However some people find needles painful and they often require multiple treatments.

Laser vein treatments for both the face and leg are preferred by many of our patients.

Risk Factors

  • Your genetic history
  • Being overweight
  • Pregnancy
  • More females than males
  • Overexposure to sun and UV rays
  • Standing for prolonged periods or lengthy sitting
  • Diagnosis of Rosacea

How Many Treatments Do I need?

With the effectiveness of a laser having a high affinity for red and blue colors, and the ability to control the depth of penetration of the laser treatment, Dr. Kristin Schmidt’s aesthetic team can treat your spider veins with just a few sessions. Typically patients need 3 treatments with one yearly maintenance. Consultation is required for your customized treatment plan.

Spider Vein Treatment

After discussing your treatment goals and reviewing your medical history, you may be required to use a topical numbing anesthetic cream that will be applied by our trained staff once you arrive.  The laser will then be used to treat each identified vessel. Our Cutera Laser has won awards as well as been referenced in dermatologic papers as being an outstanding laser to treat spider veins, reticular (deeper blue) veins and facial veins and Rosacea. 

Why Kristin Schmidt, MD, Medical Spa?

Dr. Schmidt emphasizes women’s health care issues through all the stages of a woman’s life, including obstetrics, well woman exams, mammograms, ultrasounds and now with her exceptional medical spa.

Dr. Schmidt has more than 16 years of experience in the obstetrical and gynecological fields of the health care industry and understands many women’s desire to be physically fit and cosmetically beautiful.

She is extremely proud to say that her professional team brings practical experience, best practices and refined medical skills to each and every patient’s care. With a well-established patient presence on the West side and surrounding communities of Houston, Texas, Dr. Schmidt continuously strives to and is committed to providing the utmost personable care and concern for all of her patients.

Let our advanced laser vein treatment staff help you clear your legs and facial areas for a more beautiful look. Call our office at (713) 463-4044 to get started.




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